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Certified Application Specialist (CAS)

The ServiceNow Certified Application Specialist certifies a successful aspirant whose skills and knowledge can perform the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of a ServiceNow Performance Analytics solution. This certification is computer-based which consists of multiple-choice questions delivered by ServiceNow testing partner Kryterion, conducted in a proctoring environment. The exam also has Online proctoring service. The appointments are made in advance or on the actual test day, subject to availability.

The CAS exam consists of 60 questions on multiple-choice and multiple-selection that focus on six specific learning domains that each account for a certain percentage of the exam. This includes :

  • the topics of Architecture and Deployment (10%),

  • Configure indicators and indicator sources (26%),

  • configure breakdowns and breakdown sources (22%),

  • data collection (12%),

  • data visualization(23%),

  • administration and solutions (7%).

Audience: ServiceNow customers, partners, employees, and other practitioners interested in becoming ServiceNow Performance Analytics Certified Specialists.

Prerequisites: ServiceNow Fundamentals, Performance Analytics Essentials, KPI Composer Overview, Performance Analytics Fundamentals, Responsive Dashboards Overview, Performance Analytics Widgets, Formula Indicators Overview, Performance Analytics Advanced.

Required courses: It is recommended to take CAS-performance analytical tests.

Duration: 90-minutes.

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