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Certified Systems Administrator (CSA)

The ServiceNow Systems Administrator Certification Exam tests your ability to manage, configure and implement the ServiceNow platform. It also lays the foundation for everything you need to know about ServiceNow before continuing on to other courses or certifications paths. It’s relatively entry-level, so there are few prerequisites, but it’s recommended that you have experience working with ServiceNow products.

The 60-question CSA exam covers five specific learning domains that each account for a percentage of the exam. These include user interface and navigation (20%), collaboration (10%), database administration (30%), service automation (30%) and introduction to scripting and application tools (10%).

Audience: ServiceNow customers, partners, sales engineers and others interested in becoming a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

Product certifications: CSM, HR, ITBM, ITOM, ITSM and Platform.

Prerequisites: At least six months of hands-on experience with ServiceNow and experience with database concepts and system management, IT help desk processes and incident, problem and change workflows

  • Required courses: ServiceNow Fundamentals

  • Duration: 90-minute exam

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