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Cognitive AI Services by Rede

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing have blurred the line between the digital and physical world. Attributes that were traditionally believed to be inherently human, like observing, understanding, and learning, can now be developed in intelligent systems to deliver unprecedented value to future-ready enterprises

Rede's artificial intelligence and cognitive computing offerings enable organizations to build virtual assistants, advisory bots, and intuitive mobile apps designed to deliver greater business value and superior customer experience.

Our Offering

Our deep domain expertise and flexible deployment models designed for speed at scale have created for us an ever-growing ecosystem of partners who depend on our cognitive AI services to empower their digital journey.

We help our customers develop a robust AI foundation to facilitate complex decision-making backed by AI-powered content mining, sentiment analysis, process automation, and more.

Machine Learning Machine learning is an indispensable technology in the digital era. As you move toward automation, ML becomes a fundamental cog in the process of equipping machines with the intelligence to not only perform repetitive and monotonous tasks but to also learn how to carry out the tasks by themselves.

ML-based solutions facilitate faster decision-making, improved productivity, and quicker anomaly detection, and reduced operational costs. Our machine learning offerings cover solutions around:

  • Deep Learning

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Statistical Modeling

  • Data Mining

  • Supervised / Unsupervised Learning

Image and Video AI Technology advancement and proliferation of user-generated data are changing the digital data landscape. Every second, a colossal amount of information gets generated and collected in the form of text, audio, video, and images. Although this creates abundant opportunities for enterprises to get into insightful data analytics, not having the right tools to leverage such massive amounts of unstructured data within an automated framework is a usual growth blocker.

Our innovative AI-powered image analytics services can resolve these bottlenecks that might be slowing you down. Our image and video AI offerings include:

  • Computer Vision

  • Scene Understanding

  • Object Identification

  • Image Tagging

  • Image Processing

  • Video Analytics

Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) NLP helps connect the abilities of human thought process and to the possibilities of autonomous ‘thinking’ capability in machines. It enables digital systems to understand how people communicate. This, in turn, makes it possible for machines to read and hear human communications, interpret them, measure sentiments and uncover the important bits.

Our NLP-based solutions can help you increase customer engagement, revenue, and retention. Having a digital workforce that can consistently, and accurately analyze huge amounts of language-based data, without fatigue, can be a game changer. We bring you the power to leverage the true potential of NLP and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to:

  • Analyze your social media comments, online reviews, and free-text survey responses.

  • Decipher employee survey results.

  • Develop smart product strategies to exceed customer expectations.

  • Process, categorize, and index millions of text documents across the enterprise.

We use commercial natural language engines and platforms to deliver tools that can derive, with minimal human intervention, a nuanced and accurate understanding of human communications, that can empower you to delight your customers.

Chatbots and Conversational AI ( NLP )

We specialize in developing intelligent cognitive chatbots and conversational AIs that enable businesses to consistently deliver personalized customer service across all platforms. Not only does the use of such bots dramatically reduce the risk of losing customers, it also drastically reduces human effort by simplifying processes, and performing tasks like:

  • Data Acquisition

  • Information Extraction

  • Statistical Language Processing

  • Text Mining

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Machine Translation

Our high-quality AI-powered chatbots are great conversationalists, context-sensitive, and have personality traits especially designed to delight

Intelligent Process Automation ( IPA )

IPA uses intelligent software systems, commonly known as ‘bots,’ to mimic the actions of human users. Bots can not only complete repetitive, replicable, and routine tasks quicker and with lesser chances of errors than humans, they can even learn to do them better, over time. Robots can capture and interpret IT applications to enable transaction processing, data manipulation, and communication across multiple systems.

This ‘virtual workforce’ created by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is reliable, secure, cost-effective, scalable, and improves the overall effectiveness of operations while reducing costs. Furthermore, this empowers you to significantly enhance experiences throughout the customer journey by, on the one hand, radically improving efficiency, performance, and response times, while on the other freeing up your resources to do other tasks that require emotional intelligence, reasoning, and judgment.

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