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Cyber Security support is essential for organizations

Cyber Security support is essential for organizations to meet its business objectives. When designing the security controls, it is important to understand the business objectives, the risks introduced by the IT environment and controls implemented are associated with business risks. Enterprise Security Architecture frameworks such as SABSA, COBIT etc helps organizations achieve this goal of aligning security needs with business needs.

Why Security Architecture? Security Architecture is the overall design of security controls within an organization environment that addresses its necessities and potential risks associated. It is an integral component of enterprise architecture planning, which specifies when and where to apply security controls in such a way that enables business functions and provides value to the organization. Planning for a robust & sustainable architecture for security can benefit any organization by-

  • Enabler to achieve core business objectives

  • Operations to become more transparent and accountable

  • Fewer or negligible security breaches or incidents

  • Compliance with key data security standards & regulations

  • More efficient and effective IT environment

Our Security Consultants have helped a number of organizations to develop optimized security architectures to address their business risks. Team of seasoned consultants with backgrounds in working with security architectural frameworks like TOGAF, SABSA, O-ESA & OSA.

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