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DevOps in Paris release

  • GitLab integration: Integrate with the GitLab Code Repository and GitLab Continuous Integration capability to accelerate team delivery lifecycles. Normalize information and utilize it alongside data from teams using Jenkins and Azure DevOps.

  • Enhanced insights, release tracking and change automation: Extend Azure DevOps support for more types of Agile/Scrum Boards. Add integration to Release Pipelines.

  • Test Tool connectivity: Expand span of control with Test Tool insights that includes out-of-the-box integration to common test tools. Provide necessary toolkit and documentation to simplify integration with other test tools.

  • Metrics enhancements: Extend insights to include resiliency metrics and operational metrics connected to DevOps. Improve metrics around service availability and key measurements like mean time to repair. Take advantage of the extended data, gathered through new integrations.

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