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Extended Team : Engagement model for software development with high ROI.

Most of the growing companies have a hard time to form a full-stack web development and digital marketing team. The search for assembling the right team might take months and sometimes end up in failure because most of the top talent has been snatched by the bigger competition.

As an entrepreneur/business owner, if you are wondering how to make your business grow and reach new heights, then now is the right time to embrace the extended team model.

Here we will explain everything you need to know before you expand your existing in-house development team with an extended team.

What is an Extended or Remote Team?

An extended development team or remote team is not hired on a project basis nor are they discontinued once the project ends. You will have an ongoing relationship with your core team and the extended team.

It is hard to give one proper definition for the extended team model. The variations in this model will differ according to the company you choose to partner with. However, the extended team model has certain specifics in common that distinguish it from other models.

  • Extended team will not increase your existing in-house team or replace it. Your business and your team will be located on-shore whereas the remote team will work off-shore and fill the skill gap in your current team

  • You will have full control over the project and be in direct touch with the extended team. Overall, your team and the extended team will operate as a single unit

  • Division of responsibility among all the team members will allow everyone to participate in the process of building a product or solution. Success or failure, all the team members will be responsible for the outcome

What Are the Team Roles You Must Understand Before Hiring an Extended Team?

To do this in the right way, you must first understand the entire digital solutions process and the specialists who are responsible for carrying out the task. By knowing this, you will figure out how to find the right team members who will work as your remote team.

Development Team Roles

  • Requirement analysts – Responsible for figuring out your needs, gathering project requirements, mapping technical specifications for developers and defining time frame

  • Project manager – Responsible for monitoring the entire process of development, coordinating actions, delivering your project on time and ensuring that each stage of the project goes according to the plan

  • UI/UX designer – Responsible for creating the product’s graphic design from scratch. These designers will be aware of both the UI/UX processes

  • QA engineer – Responsible for participating in a project from the very beginning to its release to scan for issues and suggest solutions

  • Front-end developers – Responsible for making things look great on any device and to ensure that everything works fine on any browser

  • Back-end developers – Responsible for breathing life into the functionality and may involve in database creation and CMS development

  • Full-stack developers – Responsible for dealing with both front-end and back-end

How to Extend your Team With Remote Employees?

When hiring a team, the provider will thoroughly understand what you are looking for in an extended team, ensure that everything works for you, fine-tune your operations and help your business operate more efficiently.

Hire an Extended Team From Rede Consulting,

A Dream Squad Specializing in ServiceNow Solutions ​

Overall, the remote team model will be comfortable for all the involved parties as the whole process is marked by transparency, flexibility, mutual trust and valued contribution.

Rede Consulting is equipped with amazing talent that will extend your team in terms of both numbers and capabilities. We have a pool of skilled, talented and certified, experienced ServiceNow developers, to convert your ideas into reality. You can also hire a dedicated developer as per your needs.

To learn more about our extended team model, contact us anytime. We will be more than happy to be a part of your team or an extension of your team.

Do you plan to apply the extended team model approach in your own company?

If so, do share your vision in the comments section below or email us at .

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