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How To Manage Staff Shortage During Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching. This is the time of the year that we are supposed to be jolly. However, for the IT department, this could also be the time that IT managers are greatly challenged in providing sufficient IT support coverage with a skeleton staff.

As a considerate manager, refusal of annual leave could be the last thing on your mind. Besides, its specifically said “the employer must not unreasonably refuse an employee’s request to take annual leave.” It didn’t fully explain what qualifies as “unreasonable,” which gives the employer opportunity to specify the circumstances the company will not grant the request for an annual leave by an employee.

With a reduced IT staff, your team could feel overloaded and burned out when the holiday operation is not properly planned.

Employee burnout kills productivity. Nobody wants that. Here are few tips your IT department can adapt and plan ahead to ensure a smooth holiday business operation:

[+] Increase work flexibility

If your staff really need to work during the holiday because of mission-critical tasks, at least allow them to work remotely and provide more flexibility in terms of location and work schedule so they can have the opportunity to travel or to be with their families. Since they will be accessing your resources from various locations outside of your secured network, ensure that your company’s remote network system has been properly tested and established.

[+] Maximize the cloud technology

Organizations that embrace the cloud technology with the workplace mobility in mind would highly benefit during the holidays. Cloud provides the necessary collaboration and communication tools, apps and resources for efficient remote work.

[+] Updated escalation process

Make sure that the escalation process has been reviewed and updated. Clearly defined cases or well-established criteria streamlines the escalation process and assures that SLA (service level agreements) are being met even during holiday season.

[+] Outsource professional services

An extended leave by a worker or a sudden surge of work for a client can possibly happen. You can outsource certified IT professionals from a trusted provider, like us to cover for the skills gap or to undertake work on your behalf.

If you Need or Looking for Additional resources to use during holidays?

Talk to our Remote Service Consultant or schedule a consultation to discuss your temp IT staffing requirements. Contact us at : or visit our business page at: to know more about us.

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