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Key Enhancements in Rome Release

Below are some of the key enhancements coming in the Rome release.

Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization was introduced in the Quebec release. Managers manage and maintain the productivity of their team from a single location using this application. Managers can efficiently manage their team's skills and schedules, route work assignments to their team, and monitor their performance.

We have expanded the functionality to facilitate greater team performance.

A manager can now create forecast parameters for better demand forecasting, while also making manual adjustments to the forecast as needed to improve accuracy.

Customers requested that on-call schedules be displayed and created in the application to give managers and teams the ability to manage all schedules in one place. We have made that update in the Rome release

Previously the Manager would have to create training assigned to agents based on active assessments. Now Workforce Optimization tracks learning content from internal and third-party systems, enabling mangers to assign the most appropriate training to the agents.

Process Optimization

Process Optimization was also introduced in the Quebec release. Process Optimization helps analysts and process owners quickly analyze and optimize their business processes using visual maps.

Customers didn’t just want a map that pointed to possible inefficiencies in their processes, they wanted analysis and actionable recommendations on how those bottlenecks should be overcome. We are bringing those enhancements as well as machine learning to accelerate this analysis.

By expanding the focus from exploratory analysis to pre-built process summary and insights, we are making it easy for business users to define the next steps in process improvement.

We know that users need to understand the patterns behind a group of unresolved tickets. By leveraging integrated ML (machine learning) clustering to investigate where and why the problem occurs, we are improving this approach​

Vendor Manager Workspace

ServiceNow’s Vendor Manager Workspace enables you to monitor the performance of your company's vendors and manage all vendor-related information using the Vendor Manager Workspace.

We have made enhancements that will allow vendor managers to get an immediate overview of the suppliers they manage. We are also enabling vendor managers to quickly identify underperforming vendors and tally refunds due to failures in performance by the vendors.

Vendor Managers are responsible for maintaining an awareness of the performance and capabilities of the vendors they oversee. We are therefore enriching the Landing Page for this application with metrics such as metric model input/output score, contracts and status, improvement initiatives, trends over time, comparison to other similar vendors, success indicators, Performance Score, vendor satisfaction, etc​.

Vendor managers can now use service credits to tally refunds due their organization due to failures in performance by the vendors they manage.

We're also excited to announce that, effective from the Rome release, the ServiceNow DevOps Standard product (DevOps Change/Core, DevOps Insights, and DevOps Integrations) is being repackaged into ITSM Pro and ITSM Enterprise as additional capabilities at no additional cost. If you have ITSM Pro or ITSM Enterprise and would like to find out more about these new entitlements please talk to your ServiceNow representative

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