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New Digital Marketing Trends

In a constant struggle to surpass the competitors of the respective domains, companies are acquiring new trends and technologies for digital marketing.

Though the market undergoes a constant evolution with each passing day, some of the trends mentioned below are going to dictate the market flow in the upcoming days.

Artificial Intelligence: Considered as the cutting edge of technology, artificial intelligence can perform almost all the tasks possible by a human. Creating a steady position and an important reputation in digital marketing, it is expected to lead the digital world in the future.

Chatbots: Quite a common thing now, chatbots are appearing now in almost all websites and newsfeeds. Serving a wide range of purposes, chatbots are taking human interaction to the next level by posing as virtual assistants, shopping assistants, website browsing guides, and many more.

Video Marketing: With more viewers preferring live videos, video marketing is in all-time boosts. Quite an effective and impressive way of marketing, video marketing reaches out to a greater audience making it a more popular marketing medium amongst the customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Prioritizing easy user experience, allows the customers to reach the targeted destinations, isolating the factors creating unnecessary traffic. Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) assists in generating huge revenues for business by digital marketing.

Multi-channel Marketing: This marketing strategy will combine many platforms to lead the customers smoothly in their journey of purchasing products. For example, using the social media platform to lure the customers out into the website of the company and guiding them through the rest of the process by using e-mail. Marketing through live broadcasts, smartphone apps, live chats, and many other podiums, multi-channel marketing is revolutionizing the existing marketing scenario.

Personalization: Personalized digital marketing is grabbing quite a lot of eyeballs, because of its appealing features such as brand consistency, more revenue generation, better customer experiences, and cross channel transaction opportunities.

Optimized Voice Search: Anticipated to rise into a more influential position, voice search, is dominating the digital marketing largely. Mostly active in mobile devices, the world is slowly witnessing the AI assistants such as Alexa, Google, and Siri being controlled and operated by human voice recognition.

The future of digital marketing holds more surprises as it is getting customized by the intervention of technology. Smart techs, big data, Artificial intelligence are changing the structure and methods of marketing. Always in the need of a more personalized experience customers are and will be looking for smart marketing methodologies. So for the companies to stand out in the crowd and ace the race with enormous digital marketing power the above-mentioned trends are must to look out for.

< This points are part of the article that was published in Consultant Review Magazine / Nov2019 by By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi >

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