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Rede' ServiceNow Automation Advisory Services

Rede Consulting provide full spectrum on ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Advisory services. We enable our clients to leverage our experience and knowledge to kick-start and scale their RPA initiatives. We provide Full Spectrum, Combinations and a-la-carte RPA services to all our clients. This is to ensure that each client gets what they need, and just that.

Advisory (at Organizational Level)

  1. Full Cycle RPA Advisory service: This is an end-to-end service that is useful for clients who would like to outsource the entire RPA spectrum to Aut0m8r and utilize our capabilities, experience and skills in delivering the best.

  2. Specific Pain Area Addressing: Many a times you have a specific need for a specific pain area. We do look at such opportunities in isolation to solve a particular problem and get you the focused results.

  3. Preliminary Assessments and Fitment Reporting: Even before you start working actively on RPA initiatives, you need an idea of where you stand in terms of skills, processes, activities, environment, capacity and capability. We offer a focused service to deliver insights about your own company that you need to take a better decision about automation.

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