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ServiceNow GRC Services by Rede.

Providing implementation of Governance, Risk & Compliance and Security Operations functionality on the ServiceNow™ platform. GRC includes company build-out of Frameworks, Citations, Policies, Controls and attestations, as well as Risk Management and Vendor Risk. Security Operations includes implementation of Security Incident Response, Vulnerability Response and Threat Intel.

What We Do

Rede Consulting provides professional and personal hands-on implementation services for the Governance, Risk and Compliance and Vendor Risk applications on the ServiceNow™ platform.

We turn the Strategic into tactical, practical implementations configured and customized to your organization's risk, compliance and business needs.

Automating GRC within your organization can save countless, repeated hours fulfilling compliance and audit validations by personnel throughout the organization, while significantly improving the governance maturity of an organization.

The current Risk and Control postures are known at any time, through graphical representations with drill-down capabilities to focus on areas of concern. Automated workflow with notifications and escalation minimizes manual involvement, while providing proactive alerts for issues needing attention.

Areas of Focus

  • Policy & Compliance

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Vendor Risk Management

  • Control Design & Implementation

  • Automated Continuous Control Validation

  • Best Practices, e.g., ISO, NIST, and ServiceNow™

Do get in touch with our ServiceNow Expert Team for any of your requirements at

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