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Success Right Out of the Box

There’s a lot that goes into deploying effective chat-bots. To help you find success faster, we’ll ensure your bot follows these essential chat-bot best practices.

Respect Form Factors : Especially with mobile technology, there is limited “real estate” to create your chat-bot experience. We’ll provide a clean design that honors the customer’s expectations about how and where the conversation will unfold.

Integrate With Enterprise Information Systems : Effective agents (both live and virtual) need access to enterprise systems and data to resolve customer questions and issues.

Stick To Chat-Like Interfaces : Customers know how chat works; we adhere to general chat best practices to make the experience intuitive and easy for customers to use.

1. Talk in the First Person

chat-bots communicate the same way people communicate. Phrases like “How can I help you?” and “Is there anything else I can help you with today?” are first-person phrases that go a long way to make the interaction feel human and engaging.

2. Use a Conversational Tone

In situations where your chat-bot needs to provide legal or policy information, we preface it with conversational human sounding language, like, “Here’s what I found for you.

3. Stay Aligned with Your Brand

We’ll help ensure you use language that is consistent with your brand. You don’t want the chat-bot experience to stand out as something that doesn’t quite match the feel of the rest of your digital experience.

4. Be Consistent with Agent Best Practices

Chat agents know to offer answers and information one piece at a time, rather than dump a long block of text into a conversation all at once. Your chat-bot will do the same.

5. Make Hand-offs Feel Personal

When chat-bots hand the customer over to a live agent, they’ll preserve the context of the conversation so agents have full insight into what was already discussed. This prevents customers from having to start over or repeat themselves.

Be Contextual and to the Point

Customers need help and may be impatient, confused, or overwhelmed at the moment of interaction with your chat-bot. Your chat-bot will tell them what it knows about them and draw from available data points to make the experience as efficient as possible.

Align With Your Brand

When designing your chat-bot, we make sure that it looks like a natural part of your brand’s experience. By following your company’s standardized color palette, fonts, imagery, and other aspects of your brand identity, your chat-bot won’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

Don’t Ignore the Humans

While AI technology has advanced, we’re still at the beginning of its evolution. Even intelligent chat-bots aren’t totally self-learning. You still need humans to supervise their learning, analyze and prepare training data, and integrate chat-bots with enterprise information systems. Our experts can take care of that!

Out-Of-The-Box Industry Knowledge

Our chat-bots come equipped with out-of-the-box intelligence about industry practices, terminology, and customer journeys. This will help you automate 20 percent of customer journeys right away; then apply AI and machine learning to achieve a further 50 percent or more automation.

Make Maximum Use of chat-bot Conversations

We mine the hundreds of thousands of conversations your chat-bot is having in real time to judge customer sentiment, drive increased customer understanding, create new products, and adapt to changing customer needs. From there, we help you unlock the intent and understanding that comes from analyzing conversations.

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