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Success Stories : Global Logistics Provider

Client Industry Domain : Logistics Company

No. of Employees : 26,000+

Global Presence : US

Engagement Type : White label

Business Issues: Customer was over-reliant on email for both inbound and outbound customer service issues which lead to a lack of solid metrics and reporting to determine adherence to SLAs, resolution rates and actual workloads.​


  • No way to track data

  • Customer Service lacked a platform

  • Reporting was inaccurate, based on tallying up sent/received emails

 Success Story:

  • Created email-like interface that made transition to ServiceNow easier

  • Minimized number of clicks to process incidents

  • Audits and alerts can be identified and flagged differently than customer emails

  • Improved visibility for reps, who can access and view the comment chain and emails all in one place

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