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The Business Case for chat-bots

Defining your business case starts with understanding your desired outcomes for deploying an enterprise chat-bot. Maybe you want to reduce call volumes in your contact center by as much as 50 percent. Maybe you want to reduce shopping cart abandonment by 10 percent. For enterprises, these outcomes could mean tens of millions of dollars in cost reduction and millions in increased revenue. Here are some ways to predict and measure a chat-bot’s return on investment as part of your business case.

Reducing Costs

+ Deflecting live chats, email, and phone support through self-service automation reduces operational costs for your contact center.

Supporting Growth Without Increasing Costs

+ By handling more customer interactions with a chat-bot and deflecting the number of interactions that require a live agent, you can grow your customer base, expand your geographic footprint, and introduce new products and services without increasing your human capital costs.

Monetizing Self-Service

+ A chat-bot gives you the opportunity to build and grow new revenue streams through proactive offer management and reduced shopping cart abandonment.

Improving Customer Loyalty

+ Reducing customer effort keeps customers coming back, which in turn, keeps your profitability higher as your customer lifetime value increases. Happy customers also refer their friends to your brand.

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