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Top 10 incident management KPIs

Metrics that drive important decisions are termed key performance indicators (KPIs). Below are the top 10 KPIs for effective IT incident management.

1 Average resolution time

The average time taken to resolve an incident.

2 Average initial response time

The average time taken to respond to each incident.

3 SLA compliance rate

The percentage of incidents resolved within an SLA.

4 First call resolution rate

Percentage of incidents resolved in the first call.

5 Number of repeat incidents

The number of identical incidents logged within a specific time frame.

6 Reopen rates

The percentage of resolved incidents that were reopened.

7 Incident backlog

The number of incidents that are pending in the queue without a resolution.

8 Percentage of major incidents

The number of major incidents compared to the total number of incidents.

9 Cost per ticket

The average expense pertaining to each ticket.

10 End user satisfaction rates

The number of end users or customers who were satisfied with the IT services delivered to them.

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