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Transform Your Legacy GRC to ServiceNow IRM with Ease

Legacy GRC solutions are built on outdated technologies and rigid architectures, making them inflexible and prone to errors. Rede Consulting offers a wealth of experience in both legacy solutions and ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management (IRM). We assist you in bridging the gap between your existing solution and a transition to ServiceNow IRM, along with a comprehensive business impact analysis. Leveraging market-leading solutions, we automate data migration, revamp processes, and align workflows with the logic and architecture of ServiceNow IRM.

Following are the benefits, an organization stands to gain:

  1. Real-Time Risk Management: Monitor and manage risks in real-time, ensuring proactive risk mitigation.

  2. Streamlined GRC Processes: Simplify GRC processes and minimize errors, enhancing efficiency.

  3. Optimized Internal Audit: Boost internal audit productivity for more effective compliance.

  4. Enhanced Decision-Making: Improve strategic planning and decision-making with data-driven insights.

  5. Seamless Transformation: Ensure a smooth and swift transition to ServiceNow IRM.

  6. Mature Organizational GRC: Enable a mature organizational GRC program through automation and integration.

  7. Regulatory Compliance: Fulfill regulatory requirements with built-in evidence collection.

  8. Enhanced Defense Lines: Connect the three lines of defense to fortify your risk management.

  9. Data Loss Certification: Obtain certification of no data loss during the transformation process.

Focus on the business process transformation aspect of your program while Rede Consulting facilitates the shift to your ServiceNow IRM/GRC solution.

Feel free to talk to our IRM/GRC SME and Experts at or visit our business page at to learn more about us.

Rede Consulting: We are a third-party service provider and are not affiliated with ServiceNow®, Inc.

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