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(2) Employee Workflow - New changes in Quebec release.

Employee workflows

Create connected and engaging experiences for your employees.

HR Service Delivery

  • Universal Request: Deliver a unified service experience for employees across all departments. Enable agents to collaborate, transfer tickets and manage cross-departmental SLAs in a single place.

  • Listening Posts: Capture employee feedback immediately to leverage employee insights and take action.

  • Journey Accelerator: Help managers be more effective. Create personalized plans for employees to accelerate productivity. Provide managers with a foundation to streamline employee workflows and assign mentors at stages of employee journey.

  • Employee experience pack - offboarding: Guide employee and teams through the offboarding process. Support employees from resignation and involuntary terminations through transition to alumni.

  • Connect your HR apps: Leverage pre-built integrations to help your organization quickly connect and deliver seamless experiences across Workday, Cornerstone, Workplace from Facebook, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. Provide a better experience for employees and higher productivity for agents, who spend less time updating tasks across multiple systems.

  • Mobile Agent for HR Service Delivery: Resolve employee cases faster and from anywhere, with a tap, swipe, or a click.

  • Campaign enhancements: Plan, create, and execute campaigns across teams. Test and preview campaigns before publishing.

  • Employee relations dashboard: Get a comprehensive view of employee relations cases from one place. Track the effectiveness of how ER cases perform against SLAs.

  • Microsoft Teams integration: Enable employees to open, track, and respond to service updates all without leaving Teams with through conversations with a live or virtual agent, embedded employee portal, and actionable notifications. Enable HR agents to seamlessly continue and resolve cases in-context between ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams.

Safe Workplace suite

  • Workforce readiness: Personalize the return to workplace experience for your workforce with the Employee Travel Safety, Employee Readiness Surveys, and Employee Health Screening applications.

  • Workplace readiness: Reopen the workplace with the Safe Workplace Dashboard, Workplace Safety Management, and Workplace PPE Inventory Management applications.

  • Vaccination Status: Track employee vaccinations to help with workforce planning and workplace readiness assessments.

Workplace Service Delivery

  • Workplace Calendar Synchronization: Synchronize workplace room reservations with Microsoft Exchange, for real-time visibility and preventing booking of already reserved resources

  • Case management: Create a new case from any device with virtual agent to help track employee cases and view steps to resolution.

  • Visitor management: Register visitors with virtual agent from mobile and desktop. Manage visitor arrivals and prepare badges and access.

  • Space mapping: Provides an interactive floor map and wayfinding experience with partner MappedIn. Allows employees to easily make desk, workspace, and conference room reservations in real time.

  • Space Management: Track, measure, and define workspaces based on their highest usability need in order to optimize floor plans, room usage, and real estate usage.

Procurement Service Management

  • Purchase and receipt automation: Break down silos across work teams, from sourcing to payment, to drive efficiency across teams and technology. Provides workflow sourcing and procurement tasks to improve productivity and refocus on strategic work.

  • Procurement Service Delivery: Create, configure, and manage employee requests related to their corporate spending. Give employees a single place to seek assistance and information relating to all their procurement needs.

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