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Driving Digital Transformation with ServiceNow

Hyper-automation, Analytics, Compliance & Security

We offer a full spectrum of services powered by latest emerging technologies in :

(1) HyperAutomation: We help you transform manual repetitive processes by combining the efficiency of robotics, powerful automation and Rede's expertise and a wide range of Artificial Intelligence services from machine learning to Natural Language processing to help boost productivity.

( Hyper Automation = RPA + Analytics + Cognitive AI )

The next logical step in the automation journey is the adoption of a more advanced form of RPA – Intelligent Automation (IA). The core benefits for companies adopting IA are that it is non-invasive with lightning fast deployment, enables low- cost easy scalability and it helps transform and enhance processes by combining the efficiency of robotics and powerful automation with human judgment.

(2) Analytics: We cover full-cycle analytics services to cater to your needs, information Management, BI, big data solutions, and advanced analytics.

(3) Compliance and Cyber Security: We offer a suite of cybersecurity and IT risk assurance services supporting organizations to mitigate risks and minimize the impact.

Rede Consulting puts business process automation technologies and services at your fingertips, now. Flexible operating models, ready-made solution suites, innovative pricing options, and a team of experienced & certified specialists combine to accelerate your organization’s digital evolution.



Rede offers world-class ServiceNow consulting services to help organizations achieve maximum business benefits out of the Now Platform in a short span of time. This applies to organizations new to ServiceNow or those looking to optimize an existing deployment or extending the reach of ServiceNow.

Our Key Service Offerings :

  1. Enhancement - Delivering the ServiceNow  maturity roadmap and customizing the services to enhance efficiency and improve ROI.

  2. Automation - Automating processes that involve services and applications within and outside the ServiceNow environment for easier collaboration.

  3. Enterprise Integration - Integrating the existing applications, systems and the 3rd party tools within the ServiceNow Framework.

  4. Administration - Monitoring the services 24 x 7 x 365 to ensure health, usage and overall SLA compliance

Our certified and highly experienced consultants can guide your business transformation initiatives, and enable you to take advantage of changing industry trends.

implementation & upgrade

The key to a successful ServiceNow implementation is based on our experience, using a proven methodology and working closely in partnership with each client.

​We use proven implementation methodology to ensure the solution meets all requirements. Comparing the out-of-the-box functionality of the ServiceNow tool with the thoroughly discovered needs of our customer, our experts quickly extract maximum value from the ServiceNow platform and ensure all configurations are in sync with possible future enhancements.

Our methodology is based on a five-stage framework (Define, Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy) which is tailored to meet specific customer requirements and resourcing. The approach is flexible and scalable and can be adapted to fit a customer’s waterfall or agile project management and software development practices.

Empower your workforce today for the future

  • Powerful and intuitive

  • Secure and scalable

  • Intelligent and connected

  • Open and integrated


Managing and maintaining ServiceNow requires a commitment of time, effort and resource. Organizations that want to enjoy the benefits of ServiceNow are increasingly outsourcing some or all of their ServiceNow requirements. A customized ServiceNow managed service enables customers to increase the value gained from an investment in ServiceNow whilst retaining full management control of Service Delivery and overall strategy.


We provide a full range of Managed Services specifically designed for the ServiceNow and AI platform.  We tailor our service to suit any size and type of business and effectively complement your Service Delivery capability. We can provide Managed Services that meet any requirement and budget:  from  simple call logging and resolution, through to full management of ServiceNow issues and interfaces.


We can take care of maintenance, resolve incidents and make sure the changes you make don’t affect your performance, that you scale optimally, and that you have the structure in place to help you grow. All this in a highly competitive business model utilizing a dedicated pool of experts in our support center based in Asia and East Europe.

cognitive automation

A knowledge-driven approach to automation.

We believe in the disruptive power of knowledge automation. We’re pioneering a new approach to simplify and automate complex business decisions, tasks and processes.

Cognitive automation refers to AI techniques applied to automating specific business processes. Unlike other types of AI, such as machine learning, or deep learning, cognitive automation solutions imitate the way humans thinks.


We help leverage the power of the ServiceNow + RPA +  AI  and Analytic  platforms to deliver custom cognitive solutions for a particular business need, challenge, or processes.


The result? 

Improved productivity, accuracy and engagement across your enterprise. And your people have more time to focus on engaging, value-added work. Intelligent automation can smooth customer experiences and spark loyalty through error reduction. It can rapidly execute decisions to help you rise above your competition. Fueled by data, human-centered design, and business purpose, automation does more than mechanize. It can power outcomes.