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5 key AIOps capabilities that will boost your IT performance

AIOps—a practical blend of artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to the tools and practices of IT operations—promises to transform the way IT organizations manage their assets.

If your organizations is beginning to explore how it can leverage AIOps to improve IT efficiency and system performance, here are the five AIOps capabilities you should consider building out first.

  1. Dependency mapping : IT Ops teams can use AIOps to take information about systems, applications, and services and start mapping out the dependencies across numerous domains.

  2. Event and incident management : The discipline of IT incident management offers some of the easiest ways to take advantage of AIOps capabilities.

  3. Predictive maintenance and capacity management : AIOps isn't just about fighting immediate fires through incident management. Some of the biggest ROI results involving AIOps projects are from those that help IT organizations take more preemptive action, before an incident ever occurs.

  4. Automated remediation : Organizations seeking to get maximum value out of AIOps establish projects that use AIOps insights to drive automated remediation of issues caused by both current incidents and predicted problems.

  5. IoT gets its own ops : Another use case where experts believe enterprises will increasingly need to apply AIOps is in managing Internet of Things devices in the field.

( The above is excerpt from an article written by Ericka Chickowski , a Freelance writer, posted on TechBeacon. Click here to read the full article. :

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