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All Chat-bots are not the same!

Simple Chat-bots

Simple chat-bots are the most pervasive chat-bots on the market today. Similar to an FAQ page, they’re created for casual use and are designed to deliver an entertaining experience for customers. If a simple chat-bot doesn’t know an answer or can’t understand a customer question, the stakes are relatively low for the brand. For instance, we don’t really expect Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa to know all the answers. These are examples of “unbound” chat-bots that have no specific context to operate within.

Intelligent Chat-bots

For the vast majority of businesses, chat-bots need to be smart to be effective. Intelligent chat-bots are able to interact with customers in real-time to resolve issues, conduct transactions, and answer questions. Intelligent chat-bots can also predict customer intentions and offer specific help when they detect that a customer may need assistance. For example, if a client has visited several mortgage pages and pauses on a specific page, the chat-bot can proactively engage the client and offer assistance.

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