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An Extended ServiceNow Team Model (ETM)

What Are The Specific Features That Differentiate The Extended Team Model From Other Team Models?

1. An extended team is aimed at complementing an in-house team, but not substituting it. It is supposed to fill in the skill gaps of the main team and augment its overall potential. An ETM is to a certain extent a part of the company, sharing the visions and being customized to the needs of the latter.

2. The responsibilities and tasks are evenly spread between all team members, both in-house and offshore. The company has a full control over the process, because the personnel on the vendor’s side is fully incorporated into a client’s team, and the collaboration implies all levels of recruiting, training etc.

3. Unlike virtual teams, extended ones are not disbanded after the project is completed. They are aimed at long-term collaboration practices, that’s why the motivated team players don’t feel the need to disperse their attention to any side projects.

4. The company’s project management team can breathe more freely because they are released from a great part of the management load and can focus on things that really need their attention. At the same time, they are still able to control the key points and decisions.

5. ETM model can help companies with significant cost savings. First, you choose from the international talent pool in all its versatility of skills and rates. Second, you won’t have to spend much time and efforts on endless recruiting and training in the future since your labor relations are not supposed to base on an “easy come, easy go” approach.

6. The process of hiring developers locally can stretch for months, and the success is not guaranteed since the holy place is never empty and the big fishes in the competition may have already taken almost all the brightest talents. Conversely, with an ETM, you can assemble a team much faster — it may happen that in a couple of weeks you will be ready to move on.

7. The members of extended teams have a great possibility to establish friendly connections with each other. As we know, emotionally colored activities are those in which people can unlock their potential to the most extent. Folks start to share what is important for them, and a shared vision on core mission is a key to success.

8. Whilst in classic outsourcing models of software development an offshore team relies on the home office as little as possible, an extended team actively interacts with an original startup team. They maintain a continuous and direct communication throughout the whole development cycle. In this process, not a small part is played by relevant communication and project management tools.

9. What does “the further” mean in the previous statement? It’s about the extended maintenance and support you can rely upon after the project is finished and launched. This is another goodies you can receive from the cooperation with an extended development team.

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