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Benchmarking reports for CO2 emissions

There are several benchmarking reports that focus on CO2 emissions across various sectors and industries. Some notable examples include:

  1. Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP): CDP publishes annual reports that assess and benchmark the environmental performance, including CO2 emissions, of thousands of companies worldwide.

  2. Global Carbon Project: This initiative provides annual reports and analyses on global carbon emissions, including country-level benchmarks and trends.

  3. World Green Building Council (WGBC): WGBC produces benchmarking reports on CO2 emissions within the construction and building industry, highlighting best practices and standards for sustainable building.

  4. Carbon Trust Standard: This certification body benchmarks organizations based on their efforts to measure, manage, and reduce carbon emissions, providing a recognized standard for low-carbon businesses.

  5. International Energy Agency (IEA): The IEA releases various reports on energy-related CO2 emissions, providing insights into global energy trends and benchmarks.

  6. Environmental Performance Index (EPI): Published by Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, EPI ranks countries based on their environmental performance, including greenhouse gas emissions.

  7. Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB): SASB offers industry-specific standards, including benchmarks for emissions, to help companies disclose their sustainability performance.

  8. Corporate Knights Global 100 Index: This index ranks companies based on their sustainability performance, including carbon emissions, providing a benchmark for corporate environmental responsibility.

When seeking benchmarking reports on CO2 emissions, it's important to consider the specific industry, geographical focus, and scope of emissions covered in each report to find the most relevant and useful information for your needs.

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