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Capitalizing On The Extended Team Model & Driving Growth In 2020

For CEOs, tech talent acquisition, retention, and business growth top in their priority list. However, for startups and mid-size companies, it is stressful to find talent within time, geography, and budgets. Most CEOs think “how can I manage without spending too much time or cost?”, “who can help me with this?” and “where can I find the best talent?.

As the tech talent shortage continues to grow in the coming years, it’s increasingly difficult to find and recruit candidates with adequate skills. Therefore, it could adversely impact project development, performance, quality, and growth.

Here we sorted a few challenges that a CEO faces in building a tech team. Let’s have a look:

  1. A limited tech talent pool

  2. Tedious hiring practices

  3. Limited budgets

  4. Hiring technology resources specific to a project

  5. Lack of engagement and adaptability

If you’re facing any of the above challenges?

And your answer is Yes, then, you would probably look for an alternative to address them.

How can you build a high performing team?

The CEO’s role is vital in leading transformation. To meet goals, you need excellent individual players and also dedicated to playing as a team. Here are the two prominent ways you can build high performing tech teams in 2020.


The dynamism in the tech industry has led numerous changes in the business landscape and raised the surge for outsourcing. Outsourcing is a renowned strategy many business leaders adopt for uninterrupted operations. When you have a project in the pipeline and don’t have resources to build, you can outsource a chunk or entire project to external vendors. Predominantly, outsourcing allows companies to lower their overheads, saves time, and improve efficiency.

Apart from the benefits, project outsourcing has its challenges. It includes miscommunication, decision-making, project control, data security, and often missing deadlines. This, in turn, will impact the product quality and reputation adversely.

Extended development teams/ virtual teams:

Unlike outsourcing, the criteria will change in the case of extended or virtual development teams. What if you have an internal team, and they lack some specific tech skills?  Probably, there is no need to outsource the entire project to external vendors. Instead, you can augment your internal teams with specific skills and expertise from external developers or resources. Here comes the concept of extended development teams to compliment your internal team.

An extended or virtual team is a group of technical experts working exclusively on your project. They collaborate with your internal team during development and post-development as well. Hence, you can have any time support from the service providers if any problem encounters. They are agile, easy to set up, and flexible according to project requirements. Above all, you can have control over projects, decision-making, and meeting deadlines.             

Addressing the above challenges with the right solution is a perfect balance among experience, practice, analysis, and strategy.

How can Rede Consulting help?

Rede Consulting has been a trusted and reliable partner for many SMBs in overcoming the talent shortages and achieving business goals by offering extended or remote development services. Our extended development teams are flexible, experienced, certified and always upfront in delivering the best solutions to stay competitive. 

Get in touch with our team to discuss more at or visit our business page at

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