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Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS)

The Certified Implementation Specialist certification is part of the implementer path and it includes six specialized certifications that are each aligned with specific ServiceNow products. Specialized certifications on this path include Service Mapping, Service Management, Financial Management, HR, Customer Service Management, Security and Vulnerability Response. Each path requires its own set of courses and training to earn the product-specific certifications.

The CIS exam consists of multiple-choice and multiple-selection questions that cover five learning domains that each account for a certain percentage of the exam. These include :

  1. engagement methodology and project planning (10%),

  2. core system setup (30%),

  3. security (10%),

  4. tuning and performance (20%) and

  5. configuration (30%).

Audience: ServiceNow employee and ServiceNow partners

Product certifications: CSM, HR, ITBM, ITOM, ITSM, Security Operations, Software Asset Management

Prerequisites: ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator certification, ITIL v3 Foundations certification and experience with at least two end-to-end ServiceNow deployment projects

Required courses: ServiceNow System Administration, Advance System Administration, Implementation Bootcamp and Scripting.

  • Duration: 90-minute exam

What certification path is right for you? There are three major paths of certifications available in ServiceNow.

(Path-1) Implementer Path

With an implementer certification path, the aspirants will learn to deploy the platform within a defined scope of work. The ServiceNow implementer path course enables the teaching to learn quickly and successfully deploy ServiceNow products into customer environments, whether the aspirant is a new consultant starting their career or a seasoned professional looking to deepen their expertise and differentiate themselves from the competition.

(Path-2) Developer path

The developer certification path makes the aspirants gain mastery over the specialization in configuration, scripting, and integrations. In the path of becoming a certified application developer (CAD), the aspirants would learn how to create applications by designing application tables, creating and implementing forms, controlling access, and integrating workflows into applications. The aspirants would get specialized in a product and will learn to take full advantage of the Now Platform.

(Path-3) Administrators Path

The administrators path enables the aspirants to manage and maintain the Platform. The aspirants would discover the most essential elements of managing and maintaining the Now Platform.

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