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Chatbots are your Best Agents - While chat-bots have been around for a while, they are not all the same. “Chat-bot” refers to a broad range of technologies that allow consumers to use a conversational interface to interact with companies and accomplish tasks.

How do Chatbots Benefit Organizations?

(A) Automate Customer Service - Chat-bots allow customers to self-serve and get answers to a range of questions quickly and easily at any time of day.

(b) Contain Costs - Using chat-bots to handle a range of customer questions deflects customers away from more costly customer service channels, lowering costs without impacting customer satisfaction.

(c) Handle Growing Volume of Customer Queries - Chat-bots are able to converse with and assist multiple customers at once. They never tire, and can be trusted to provide a consistent level of service around the clock, including on holidays and weekends.

(d) Complement Human Agents - Chat-bots excel at handling repetitive work that can become tedious to human agents. Additionally, if a customer is escalated from a chat-bot to a human agent, the chat-bot will transfer the entire conversation history, preventing the customer from having to start over, and allowing the agent to quickly and easily identify and solve the customer’s issue.

(e) Improve Customer Satisfaction - today’s customers want to self-serve and find answers on their own in the moment, without having to pick up the phone or email and wait for a response. Chat-bots provide the experiences they expect.

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