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Digital Transparency with Connected IT Using ServiceNow ITAM

One of the largest insurance company, with millions of members, needed to upgrade the manual software asset management system and deliver a connected IT infrastructure that required quick responsiveness from IT to customers.

By partnering with Rede Consulting, they replaced the legacy IT systems with ServiceNow IT Service Management thus streamlining the IT environment and providing visibility of their assets. Along with the utilization of ITAM, a service catalog was created for the purpose of dealing with redundant assets across the company. With increased visibility and control over assets, the company achieved millions of dollars in savings.

What Challenges we faced:

  • Multiple legacy systems and software

  • Poor software inventory

  • Low visibility and control of assets

  • Lack of knowledge on purchasing paths and licenses

How We Did It:

  • ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM)

  • ServiceNow IT Service Management

  • Service Catalog

  • Automated approval process

Key Success / Outcomes achieved:

  • 95% - Automated software tracking

  • 40% - License costs savings

  • All Employees on 1 platform

  • 40% - License costs savings


  • Executives, CTOs, Director

  • IT Consultants

  • Business Analysts

  • Project Managers

  • IT Project Coordinators

  • Architects and Specialists

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