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Extended ServiceNow Development Teams

Top challenges startup owners face in building a tech development team

As the tech talent shortage continues to grow in the coming years, it’s increasingly difficult to find and recruit candidates with adequate skills. Especially, if you are a startup, you should go the extra mile to ensure you have the best team on board and you should be aware of common pitfalls in building a strong tech development team.

How can you build a high-performing tech team?

With the ongoing technology disruptions, organizations have undergone tremendous changes in building their technology teams. You can spend weeks or even months finding the right fit and build a strong team. But the chances of winning and leading the marketplace will become limited.

Therefore, instead of relying on traditional and tedious hiring processes, you can opt for extended tech development teams to build a product quickly and optimize time to market efforts.

The extended team model (ETM) is one of the familiar terms coined a while back in the software industry. Unlike outsourcing, an extended tech development team helps in augmenting your internal team‘s capabilities. Comparatively, there are various advantages of the dedicated team model in bringing the top talent together and building applications.

1. Team building and management:

Nowadays, the need for ServiceNow Implementation and Application has become a mandate for businesses to reach customers and grow their business. However, having a full-stack developer is not enough for you to build an application. You should have UI/UX experts, testing professionals, and a project manager to ensure everything on the same page. But, in reality, limited access to the talent pool will take more time to build a team — it eventually hurts business growth and future opportunities.

By collaborating with an extended development team services provider like Rede Consulting, you would get access to the best talent in less time and can start development quickly. A dedicated tech development team works as your internal team and makes the team management easy and effective.

2. Shared responsibilities:

In the case of project outsourcing, you won’t get any clue about who is working on your project and their shared responsibilities. Whereas with a dedicated tech development team in place, you will get direct access to the allocated resources and a clear understanding of their shared responsibilities.

It helps you to track overall team performance and individual performance too. The members of the extended tech development team are accountable and act as internal employees when compared to a freelancer or outsourcing company.

3. Project deadlines:

Meeting project deadlines that everyone would want to achieve nevertheless of the situation. Comparatively, companies that can meet project deadlines on time will have a competitive advantage over others.

Working with a dedicated software development team allows you to manage the project in real-time and ensure you meet the deadlines — and reduce time to market efforts.

4. Data security:

Even though outsourcing is a buzzword in the software development industry, data security is the top concern for most companies.

While hiring a dedicated tech development team ensures your data is protected and everything is under your control. Here you can protect the data by enabling privileged access to some of the extended team members.

5. Scalability and adaptability:

It is one of the best benefits of working with an extended tech development team. You will get 100% flexibility in choosing ServiceNow resources and building a team. You can scale up and down your team according to your project requirements.

Above all, the members of a dedicated tech development team are adaptable and always leverage modern ways of developing a solution that ensures innovation and competitive advantage. With these exceptional benefits, extended team models help organizations in saving time to hire and costs associated with hiring and training.

Client - "At the time we had limited ServiceNow resources and expertise, we reached out to Rede-Consulting team to help us put together a dedicated team of ServiceNow experts which in-turn enabled us to adopt newer technologies faster. – Tom Salvador, President, TS Software

Thus, having an extended development team on the other side of the globe will help you in getting the best ServiceNow engineers, developers, and other tech resources within a reasonable budget to meet your business needs.

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