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F.A.Q ( ITSM v/s CSM )

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Disclaimer: All answers related to licensing and pricing are purely informational. Any license or pricing matter should be discussed with your ServiceNow representative.

Question 1

How is the knowledge module differentiated between the customer, user, and IT-support relevant information?

If we understand correctly, the question means how can we make information in our knowledge available only to certain users and not others.

Knowledge in ServiceNow is contained in knowledge articles. The articles are organized in knowledge bases, you can have as many knowledge bases as you like. For each knowledge base, you can attach reusable rules, called user criteria, which manage who can read the articles in that knowledge base and who can contribute to the knowledge base (by creating new or updating existing articles). Therefore, it is easy to say that for example, a certain knowledge base should be only available to certain customers.

Question 2

Is it possible to integrate one platform where you have only ITSM and the second one where you use CSM and ITSM?

To rephrase the question to understand it: can we have both ITSM licensed fulfiller users and CSM licensed fulfiller users on a single production instance?

Yes, it is possible to have ITSM and CSM users on the same instance. It is also possible to have ITSM Standard and CSM Professional users on the same instance.

Question 3

Would that mean that in case you want to support external customers but this is done by the same fulfillers that are providing internal support, you can “migrate” those users from ITSM license to CSM license, without the need to have them owning the two licenses?

Please read the disclaimer first. Yes, the new license policy (version 5) has a single, combined license for both CSM and ITSM. That means your users will have one license but will be able to use both Customer Service Management and IT Service Management to support your customers, both internal and external.

This eliminates the need to have two licenses (ITSM and CSM) for one fulfiller user. Many GDPR use cases or finance request use cases coming from the end customer are routed to IT because customer data needs to be deleted or an ERP system needs to be adjusted. In the past, those use cases required the IT employees to have two licenses (ITSM and CSM), but with the CSM version 5 these CSM and ITSM entitlements are combined in one CSM version 5 license.

Question 4

What is more important to implement in a small-medium organization, ITSM or CSM?

In our opinion, for small or medium-sized organizations, it might be more important to first implement Customer Service Management by ServiceNow, then proceed with IT Service Management. The reason is, that especially recently, many medium or even small organizations have a huge customer or consumer base and scale quickly. These companies in my opinion would benefit more from implementing CSM early to maintain great customer service, even though their customer base grows exponentially.

Question 5

Is ITSM part of CSM or not?

Please read the disclaimer first. Please refer to question 3.

Question 6

For a function of Sales and sales support which solution is more optimal?

Similar to the answer to question 4, it is difficult to answer without additional information. However, judging by our experience, for sales and sales support-related processes, as these are usually concerning external users, Customer Service Management seems to be a better fit.

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