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Flexible Extended IT Staffing Solutions: A New Hiring Norm To Embrace Now!

"The covid-19 pandemic has upended businesses in every possible aspect. Hiring has become more complex due to ongoing uncertainties. Moreover, there is a growing need for quality hires to meet evolving business objectives. Thus, we have empowered our IT staffing solutions with a pre-screened and approved candidates, to help reduce time-to-hire and setup your Extended ServiceNow Development Team easily. This helps both HR and hiring managers to quickly analyze candidates without delaying the hiring timeline." – Sanjay @ Rede Consulting ( Advisor - for Extended Team building Services )

Problem with traditional hiring strategy:

The traditional hiring process is more like a football game, where the players keep on passing the ball and even sometimes end up failing to hit a goal.

So, to win the game, it is essential to eliminate unnecessary steps that don’t drive success. Similarly, while planning to hire resources, it is crucial to identify unnecessary steps in the hiring process.

In the traditional hiring process, companies spend countless hours to find and qualify candidates. It eventually leads to delays in hiring skilled candidates.

Here are some factors that affect the hiring process.

  1. Conducting multiple telephonic interviews.

  2. Asking an applicant for multiple face-to-face interviews.

  3. Conducting an interview and ghosting.

  4. Candidate not joining or backing out at the last minute.

Flexible ServiceNow Staffing Solution: A new way of hiring and engaging talent

Flexible talent acquisition strategies allow you to identify the must-have and temporary resources to meet your business objectives. Rather than filling positions as soon as you start a project, flexible IT staffing strategies help you by bringing the best talent across the globe on a project basis.

Here are the top ways organization needing ServiceNow experts can benefit from our Flexible ServiceNow Staffing model, known as 'Extended Team Model' or ETM.

Benefits of Extended ServiceNow Team:

  1. - Easily Scalable with competitive advantage;

  2. - Complement not substitute;

  3. - Improve Employee Retention;

  4. - Increased control over communication

  5. - Improve Quality and save money;

  6. - Conserve Capital;

  7. - Foster Innovation;

  8. - Reduced Infrastructure Costs;

  9. - Fully-focused on Core;

  10. - Flexibility and time savings = saving;

  11. - Quick Access to the Top and Best Talent;

  12. - Scalable Tech team;

  13. - No Training cost;

  14. - A perfect business backup plan;

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