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High Level overview - Quebec release.

High-level overview of products and features in the Now Platform Quebec release.

Now Platform

Simplify how work gets done, deliver intuitive experiences, and build digital workflow apps with a single cloud platform.

Core functionality

  • UI Builder: Customize and personalize the Now® Experience by designing configurable workspaces and portals. Supports domain-separated environments with (WYSIWYG) design with reusable components.

  • Platform encryption: Customize and manage server-side encryption at the field level to increase platform security with better access control.

Now Intelligence

  • Process Optimization: Mine process flows to identify areas for improvement while tracking the business value of these advancements.

  • Workforce Optimization: Manage agent productivity and team performance while getting real-time views of queues and agent activity.

  • Virtual Agent enhancements: Use guided setup with topic recommendations while automatically resolving incidents, notifications, and password resets.

  • Regression framework: Predict numeric inputs or ranges with machine learning that will improve planning.

  • Natural Language Query: Ask questions and get answers in the form of lists, values, and charts with filters and searches.

  • Performance Analytics enhancements: Flexibility to improve and configure dashboards with calendar support.

  • Reporting enhancements: Tailor reporting with multiple formatting options that includes calculations and robust dynamic design.


  • Mobile enhancements: Utilize AI search, deep linking, and card actions to enrich mobile experiences with consumer grade capabilities.

  • Mobile Agent enhancements: Access critical knowledge articles anywhere, as well as favorite and bookmark mobile screens for quicker access.

  • Mobile developer tool enhancements: Easily create cards and templates through an intuitive designer. Enable admins to impersonate mobile privileges of a specific user.

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