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How a good GRC Professional can add value to the business

Organisations are increasingly taking advantage of the true value-add that a trained and accredited GRC professional brings to corporate decisions making and the bottom line. Factors such as complexity and sophistication of products and services, distribution channels, customer demands and unprecedented advances in technology have resulted in increased political and regulatory intervention into business. GRC professionals are at the forefront of these changes. They have a broad understanding of the businesses and industries in which they operate and take the role of a trusted adviser and consultant to the business. GRC professionals assist with the simplification of complex requirements. This unique skill can enable the business to manage costs and risk without jeopardising the achievement of strategic business outcomes. The GRC professional also provides support and leadership at times of challenge and crisis. One major value add that a GRC professional delivers is their contribution as a cultural change agent. They influence behaviour at all levels of the organisation. They help deliver assurance that the culture of the organisation includes ethical considerations about what is fair and just for all stakeholders. GRC professionals help balance regulatory and ethical requirements and the achievement of corporate goals. Supporting and engaging staff to do what is right not just because it is the law and is a key contribution a GRC professional can make. They are also able to embed this message into the organisation. This increases investor confidence; protects and enhances brand and reputation; and increases employee retention and productivity while building loyalty and trust. The trained and accredited GRC professional is a key player in modern corporate governance, risk management, ethical trading, responsive regulation, corporate social responsibility and best practice compliance.

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