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How do you combine design thinking and the lean startup methodology to achieve your goals?

Here are the steps we follow during a typical one week sprint cycle:

  1. Monday: Have a roundtable debate to unpack challenges that the company currently faces

  2. Tuesday: Sort through and decide which problem needs immediate attention

  3. Wednesday: Brainstorm ideas with all stakeholders and form a plan of attack to solve said problem

  4. Thursday: Build a functional prototype or Minimum Viable Product that offers a quick solution to the problem

  5. Friday: Test our MVP with our target audience and collect feedback. And have a pizza party. 🍕🍕🍕

This 5 step approach is the perfect marriage of design thinking and lean startup methodology. We engage all our stakeholders, harness all input, analyze problems, and rapidly produce a solution. We then repeat this process over the course of several weeks, months, or years.

By iteratively improving our client’s product or service, everyone is engaged and the eyes stay on the prize.

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