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How ServiceNow SecOps can be used for Threat Intelligence

IT Security is a pressing issue for IT infrastructure, business services, and users. Security teams can rapidly become flooded with alerts and info about vulnerabilities from both unknown and known sources. However, these notifications lack information regarding their relation to the business, which makes it challenging to detect the greatest threat to the organization.

As cyber threats remain to evolve and become more sophisticated, siloed security solutions can no longer carry on. They lack the intelligent tools to remediate the problems when there is a breach. Manual cross-team methods do not have the efficiency to retort to attacks or defend vulnerabilities, eventually leaving your enterprise at risk.

Security Operations solution from ServiceNow bridges the gap between security and IT. Quickly detect, map, and resolve threats before they cause disorder in your infrastructure.

Using ServiceNow’s intelligent workflows and automation capabilities, you can improve your security response time and efficiency. Security incident response, threat intelligence, and vulnerability response modules help you automatically identify and prioritize incidents enabling you to act on them immediately and avoid any service disruptions or potential failures.

ServiceNow Security Operation Services Features Include:

  • Intelligent workflow, orchestration, and system management tools

  • Automated setting changes, threat patching, and incident reporting

  • Visual maps and dashboard analytics to measure security and monitor data trends

  • Risk assessment tools for all physical and virtual assets

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