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How to Build an AIOps Powerhouse

AIOps is not as complex as it may first appear. You begin with a foundation of contextual insights, set in place by opening up your architecture and enabling contextual insights to be derived from previously siloed data. On that foundation, you raise four pillars.

  1. First, you begin to analyze across domains, sharing data to enhance organizational efficiency.

  2. Second, you leverage ML-driven proactive insights to anticipate potential problems sooner, making the shift from reactive to proactive operations, preemptively addressing issues instead of responding to business impacts.

  3. Third, you continuously augment your operations and proactive abilities with automation you can trust as you drive towards implementing self-healing systems.

  4. Fourth, you use data-driven prioritization to generate a sustainable flow of value to the enterprise.

An AIOps powerhouse is not built overnight. By beginning today and continuing to make incremental changes, you will advance steadily toward your goal of an optimized, self-sustaining, self-healing hybrid IT infrastructure that supports your business flawlessly every day.

<Note... the above article is a small excerpt from the main article, that was published on CIO website. Click here to read the full article...

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