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How to keep your ServiceNow knowledge up to date

Our Rede Consulting blog is a valuable resource for all things ServiceNow. Alongside industry news, we share advice on getting the most out of your ServiceNow product.

Recommended resources

Official ServiceNow material:

ServiceNow Blog

ServiceNow Developer Blog

ServiceNow – Now Learning

ServiceNow – Now Community

ServiceNow Developer portal

ServiceNow – Now Community -

Break Point Podcast with Chuck Tomasi

ServiceNow Workflow Quarterly newsletter

ServiceNow LinkedIn page

YouTube Channels

Official ServiceNow YouTube channel

Official ServiceNow Dev Program YouTube channel

ServiceNow – Now Community YouTube channel

Other ServiceNow knowledge banks:

Jace Benson

Ashley SN

ServiceNow Think

ServiceNow Guru

Service Portal

SNDevs Slack Channel


SN Pro Tips

Twitter handles and hashtags to increase your ServiceNow knowledge






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