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IT Operations Management Challenges

As businesses of all sizes continue to adopt new technologies such as cloud-based computing services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.), virtualization and the Internet of Things (IoT), IT organizations are challenged to adapt their operations management processes and techniques to provide services in an ever-changing environment. As organizations expand their IT infrastructure, IT Operations must overcome key challenges to satisfy the performance, security and cost-control demands of the business.

Limited Visibility of IT Architecture

To effectively allocate resources and respond to operational and security issues, IT Ops teams need a high level of visibility into the IT architecture. Organizations that use legacy software systems with traditional on-premise architectures may find that their existing system provides limited visibility for IT Ops. When information is spread across systems, software and team members, IT Operations lack the proper controls and oversight to deliver on management objectives.

Increasingly Disparate Technology and Systems

Poor visibility is ultimately caused by the independent functioning of technologies, tools and processes that comprise the IT infrastructure. An organization may have some applications deployed on-premise, some applications provided through a SaaS provider, other applications hosted by an IaaS provider, etc. When these tools or applications lack the ability to share information or communicate, they must be monitored separately and at a greater cost in terms of money, time and resources.

Difficulty Scaling Operations

Poor visibility and control over increasingly disparate technology often means that IT operations teams are ill-prepared to scale their operations when a new service must be introduced and maintained. Without a system for integrating data from throughout the IT environment, the addition of new services can result in a more fractured IT infrastructure with poor oversight and increased security vulnerability.

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