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(1) IT Workflows - Quebec release

IT workflows

Optimize IT productivity and resilience.

IT Service Management

  • Workforce Optimization: Manage teams effectively with visibility into performance. Maximize output using a 360-view of agent work, schedule, skills, and training.

  • Process Optimization: Gain greater visibility on processes that impact business. Gather insights on bottlenecks through visual representation of process flows.

  • Virtual Agent enhancements: Automatically suggest topics with high deflection potential and proactively intercept and resolve issues raised via other channels. The self-service experience enables end-to-end content including NLU, workflow and integrations.

  • Incident Response Playbooks: Accelerate incident resolution by automating routine steps in the resolution process. Minimize human errors and relieve service desk agents from repetitive tasks so they can focus on higher priority issues.

IT Operations Management

  • Predictive AIOps: Predict issues and minimize negative results by detecting anomalies before impacting the end user, while solving problems faster with intelligent recommendations.

  • Site Reliability Operations: Empower Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams with automated service operations workflows. Respond to automated alerts and incidents to resolve issues faster.

  • Machine learning for Service Mapping: Simplify service mapping with embedded machine learning that reduces the time needed for service mapping from days to hours.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • CMDB and CSDM data synchronization: Populate CIs automatically with core CSDM data to improve efficiency with background processing of CSDM and CI data. Use Technical Service Offerings (a template) to automatically assign ‘Managed By’ groups across Technical Services.

  • CMDB and CSDM lifecycle field migration: Migrate custom data to a normalized CSDM format which improves productivity, reduces the risk of errors, and provides a seamless migration.

  • Query builder performance improvements: Improve productivity and user experience with optimized query processing time that loads in background and allows multitasking.

IT Business Management

  • PPM collaboration: Sync ServiceNow projects with Microsoft Teams and Slack. Leverage ServiceNow Virtual Agent for PPM to find information.

  • Scenario Planning for PPM enhancements: Simulate multiple investment scenarios to view all your work in one place. Approve the best scenario to achieve organizational objectives with enhanced visibility.

  • SAFe Program Increment (PI) objectives: Summarize the business and technical goals that a team or Agile Release Train (ART) plans to achieve in an upcoming PI. Track goal achievements to gauge the stability and predictability of teams and ARTs while delivering desired business outcomes.

  • Application Portfolio Management to GRC integration: Manage risk assessments for applications, reduce workload for increased efficiency, improve team collaboration, and get real-time insights into digital risk posture and business criticality.


  • DevOps integration for DevSecOps: Get a base instance integration for security and code quality tools to inform change policies, audits, and insights while leveraging data models and integration framework to connect to other security tools.

  • Integration extensions: Go broader and deeper with more test tools such as Smartbear, Zephyr, and Tricentis Tosca. Manage different tools such as ADO, Jenkins, and GitLab to bring a consistent view of separate items.

  • Flexible change: Track and easily change with change registration, without a pause in the pipeline.

  • Onboarding help: Add DevOps teams to the ServiceNow ecosystem via CLI and API and enable service catalog support.

Practive manage security, risk, and cost.

Security Operations

  • MITRE-ATT&CK framework support: Enable security analysts with advanced context, while security teams can prioritize and manage detection and response procedures to reduce attack surface.

  • Application Vulnerability Response: Gain visibility into risk due to Application Vulnerabilities and improved collaboration. Supported with Veracode.

  • Vulnerability Assignment Recommendations: Help identify the most appropriate remediation, leverage machine learning with vulnerability and asset data, and reduce time to identify owners in large environments.

  • CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox integration: Automate the submission of file and URL observables from security incidents to CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox with a one-click view.

  • Secureworks CTP integration (MSSP): Automate incident creation from Secureworks incidents/tickets.

  • Tenable for Vulnerability Response integration: Leverage standard Vulnerability Response data import and CI reconciliation methods with improved support. An all-new integration with and, developed and supported by ServiceNow.

Integrated Risk Management

  • Operational Resilience Management: Manage resilience in real-time with a dashboard to see an overview of an organization’s critical services, technology, facilities, people, and suppliers.

  • Regulatory Change Management: Gain visibility into the regulatory landscape including events, tasks, and due dates with the Regulatory Change Dashboard.

  • Continuous Authorization and Monitoring: Define an authorization boundary with real-time infrastructure data while automatically assigning baseline controls. Get approval to operate and perform ongoing authorization via continuous monitoring.

IT Asset Management

  • Machine learning normalization: Make sense of unrecognized software, to gain a more complete and accurate record of the software estate. Improve time-to-value by automatically identifying software using machine learning, while speeding up content services by delivering mapping rules in real time.

  • Bring your own license (AWS, Azure): Gain visibility of traditional software licenses across your hybrid infrastructure to understand the cost and risk associated with transferring on-premise licenses to the cloud.

  • IBM publisher pack: Reduce risk and optimize costs for Red Hat by tracking license usage and discovering optimization opportunities and cost savings for licenses that are applied to clusters.

  • SaaS license management enhancements: Gain meaningful publisher-specific usage data for common apps. Trigger reclamation workflows to revoke unused licenses based on predetermined timeframes to help manage subscriptions for SaaS vendors.

  • Okta Single Sign On for SaaS license management: Easily manage licenses and user access for apps in Okta. Analyze usage information for each application at the user level, which in return, will reduce costs and optimize licenses with data from Okta.

  • Hardware Asset refresh: Plan, execute, and refresh cycles for hardware to reduce tech debt and operating expenses.

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