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ITOM: Challenges and Enablers

With IT operations management, there are certain challenges that operations managers have to tackle in both the short and long term. In addition, there are also certain enablers that help with the implementation of ITOM processes within the organization. In this section, let's take a look at some of them.

ITOM: Organizational Challenges

Beyond the challenges outlined above, there are three broad classes of challenges to success with ITOM or any other significant IT initiative. Below are just some likely challenges to your success as you pursue your ITOM journey.

  • Do we have the right people?

  • Are they in the right roles?

  • How do we get rid of silos?

ITOM: Technological Challenges

  • Do we have the right solutions in place?

  • Do we have the skills to make it all work?

  • Can we get what we need and don’t have?

ITOM: Cultural Challenges

  • Does our leadership “get it?”

  • Do we have the right processes in place to get started?

  • Can we bridge any cultural gaps or resistance we discover?

Enablers of ITOM success can generally be grouped into the same categories as the challenges outlined above.

ITOM: Organizational Enablers

  • Leadership buy-in

  • Adequate budget

  • Clear goals and solid plans

ITOM: Technological Enablers

  • Effective ITAM, including discovery and mapping of assets and relationships

  • Effective ITSM, including a business-aligned service catalog

  • A comprehensive, flexible, CMDB or another repository of process-related information

  • Process-driven automation

  • Actionable, role-specific reporting

ITOM: Cultural Enablers

  • Regular cross-functional team meetings

  • Well-defined, well-documented, well-enforced business processes

  • Acknowledgment, recognition, and rewards

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