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ITOM: The Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are poised to bring about paradigm shifts in IT operations management. Several vendors already offer AI-powered solutions designed to enhance service delivery experience and service desk management, through virtual assistants or “chatbots”, intelligent recommendations, and predictive data analysis. Similarly enabled features will soon make ITOM solutions intuitive and more powerful.

ITOM is also becoming more closely aligned with cybersecurity efforts. This follows and parallels the growing convergence of ITSM and security. ITSM leaders and teams are increasingly adopting more agile methods for service development and delivery. These have evolved from more operational approaches first adopted by software developers, and now known as DevOps. ITSM and cybersecurity are being brought closer together via methods known as DevSecOps. ITOM will quickly become integrated into such efforts as well.

ITOM: Does your organization need it?

The past, present, and foreseeable future of developments in and surrounding ITOM all lead to the same conclusion. To maximize its business value and agility, IT management must become fully operationally focused and guided by business needs and goals. Effective ITOM is a critical step toward that goal. It is also a critical element of the firm, flexible foundation upon which your business can pursue future IT improvements and digital transformation efforts.

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