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Managed Services: Is It the Right Fit For Your Business?

Sometimes it is hard to tell what best fits your business. If

  • You’re looking for continued maintenance of your systems rather than fix them if they are broken

  • You want to solve and pinpoint your problems

  • You’re looking for smaller, dedicated teams

ServiceNow Managed Services Provider: A Reputation Backed By Experience

Today’s business environment is complex as organizations are looking to reduce costs, improve service delivery, and increase capability. To achieve these benefits, it is essential to obtain the services of an experienced ServiceNow Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Rede Consulting has been at the forefront of delivering managed services to clients. ServiceNow managed services offer numerous benefits, and it is less about IT change, incident, and problem management and more about solving core business problems. Beyond the ITSM applications native to ServiceNow, Rede Consulting uses the platform's power to provide managed services that can help you improve efficiency and customer experiences. We provide a gamut of managed services, including data backup, IT support, network administration, security, business process streamlining, and more. Let’s have a look:

Help Desk

We provide L1, L2, and L3 ServiceNow support, making changes at the code level, solving fundamental issues, and investigating complex technical problems. We also have the expertise to provide L4 support wherein we help clients communicate with the ServiceNow team for platform issues.

System Administration

We can help you manage user access and data quality, perform workflow configuration, provide form fields or other quick changes in your platform.

Health Checks and Audits

We examine your platform after every few days to proactively identify and remediate weak spots.

System Performance Monitoring

Our ServiceNow experts can use the platform to detect trends, prevent issues before they arise, and fix them beforehand.


Our ServiceNow consultants can advise on optimizing processes and training users after functionality enhancements to ensure smoother adoption.

Custom Development

We help clients implement new ServiceNow products, integrate the platform with other enterprise systems, test custom applications, and release migration projects.

Choose the Right Managed Services Provider

An expert MSP helps you build a future growth strategy with specialist advisory services and keeps in mind the customer requirements, market demands, resources, etc. Rede Consulting, an experienced ServiceNow MSP, helps clients improve profit margins and meet the dynamic business environment's needs. We offer:

Value-driven Approach: We adopt a well-defined approach wherein we define the Key Performance Indicators and ensure that we meet the SLA's. We also submit weekly or monthly reports to you for your review.

Flexibility: We enable clients to choose from a set of service components and subcomponents available in the market. The clients can also bring in additional elements that they might find fit for their business needs.

Proactiveness: We are proactive, and our team identifies and fixes problems before they appear. Proactiveness increases stability and ensures more security in the organization.

Cost-effectiveness: MSP is not additional upkeep, and most businesses fail to realize that the service providers allow efficient allocation of tasks. The internal team usually takes more time and money to train and educate themselves, and their costs are more than the price of bringing in experts

Collaboration: Our ServiceNow Team uses mature project management best practices to ensure transparent collaboration between your team and us. There is no need to micro-manage our team; we provide a high level of transparency.

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