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New CMDB features in Paris release


• Multisource CMDB: Maintain a healthier CMDB by providing greater CI detail. Improve CMDB data quality and help reduce mean time to repair by avoiding duplicate CIs and fixing real-time data quality issues.

• Service Graph Connectors: Increase CMDB data quality as data sources from SCCM, JAMF, Extrahop, Solarwinds, Intune, Bigfix, Istio, DataDog are ingested into the CMDB via a Robust Transform Engine. (Available as part of ITOM Visibility)

• Application Services Creation Setup: Help reduce outages and mean time to repair through better visibility into your application services. Reduce complexity with a unified UI and a guided Applications Service setup.

• Application Service-enhanced Query Builder: Visually construct queries without any scripting. Traverse all relationships in an Application Service and apply queries against relevant elements. Combine querying against nonCMDB data, such as Changes, Incidents, and Tasks.

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