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New in ServiceNow ITOM Paris release

IT Operations Management

  1. Agent Client Collector (**Store Release): Includes out of the box monitoring for servers, application servers, and databases and is an alternative to fragmented monitoring tools. Improves IT operations productivity with centralized monitoring and simplified agent configurations. Eliminates the need for fragmented monitoring tools with a unified ServiceNow solution. Works seamlessly with ITOM Health to deliver added value and to eliminate integration effort.

  2. Firewall and Inventory Audit Application: Help support business security with an automated audit framework for firewall policies that leverages CMDB data. Increase productivity through automated change request creation and fulfillment.

  3. Application Fingerprinting for Service Mapping: Leverage machine learning (ML) to programmatically identify and classify application patterns used with Service Mapping. Provide ML-based recommendations to dynamically create a pattern for complex application signatures, including custom applications.

  4. Event Management and Alert Intelligence enhancements: Help reduce outages and mean time to repair with NLP based grouped alert correlation and probable root cause analysis that shows multiple root causes. Improve workflow efficiency through Agent Workspace UI/UX improvement.

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