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Quebec Release Highlights

UI Builder: one of the main highlights of the Quebec release, enables anyone to build new pages or customize existing pages for workspace and portal experiences using a vast library of ServiceNow design components and/or custom components.

Script Tracer: is one of the features we’re most excited about as developer advocates. The Script Tracer can help you filter your debugging search to quickly narrow down script problems.

Quebec Release Enhancements

Integration Hub: also received a slew of updates including the ability to trigger a flow through REST, managing complex bi-directional process integrations with Remote Process Sync, and a new, modern UX for codeless ETL.

Mobile: received several enhancements and new features like a new mobile card builder,

mobile ui rules, parameter screens, mobile surveys, saved views, and more.

AI Search: gives people the personalized, relevant, and actionable information they need right from their search window and has the potential to reduce time spent searching by 50%. It is available throughout the Now Platform in service portals, mobile, and Virtual Agent.

➢ NLU Workbench: replaces the NLU Mobile Builder and gives you a unified view across languages and applications such as Virtual Agent, AI Search, etc.

Reporting: has gotten some nice updates as well including quick calculations on specific fields, multiple formatting options, and dynamic reports.

Now Experience: in addition to UI Builder adds close to 100 new components in Quebec.

App Customizations: allow you to manage your company’s customizations for applications that belong to other organizations (including ServiceNow). You can create and manage your

company’s customizations for store applications via the Application Repository.

Batch App Installs: allow you to install, monitor, and rollback your applications in batches.

Instance Scan can: interrogate your instance for configurations that indicate health issues and identify opportunities to address best practices. It checks your existing configurations and helps you avoid creating future configuration issues and is a tool that can be used as a part of your development operations, release management as well as pre- and post-upgrades.

Email Reply Separators: is a new table that allows you to put in strings and regular expressions to denote different separators. No more comma-separated entries in a single system property!

Platform Encryption: is enabled by the Key Management Framework (KMF), which lets you

protect data in your instance with industry best-practices encryption, access control, key life

cycle management and key protection.

Data classification: allows you to assign categories to your database fields, manually, or through APIs then easily report on them to ensure regulatory compliance. For example, you can identify the phone number field on sys_user as PII.

Even Though there are other new features & Applications, following are the best Applications which are part of Quebec:

1) UI builder: Is Web user interface builder which enables developers to develop new pages or

Customize existing pages for workspace and service portal. UI builder provides components which we can use in the pages.

2) Process optimization: This application helps analyst and process owners to understand the

effectiveness of their business process by using automated business process flows it helps to

visualize the execution of processes by using historical data. It also identifies issues and show

visibility around key performance indicators and resolve those issues.

3) Business Continuity Management: This application provides Business continuity solutions when Businesses are impacted during a crisis.

4) Instance scan: This application is used to find configuration of instances which can indicate

health issues and identify opportunities to address best practice. Overall, it does complete scan of your instance and say these are the issues that we find we can create a New scan, schedule a scan and Execute Full scan. There are 86 Checks that are available OOB

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