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Rede help build your Extended ServiceNow Team - A variable and flexible resource model.

Our Extended ServiceNow Team model is a true variable resource model that provides additional bandwidth and skills that flex with changing requirements.

Blending a variable team with your internal team provides an unlimited resource pool.  You can always have the right resource at the right time, without ramp-up or the extra overhead.

The Extended ServiceNow Team model combines ServiceNow project and production support services into a comprehensive portfolio to speed project delivery and streamline on-going support. Our Extended ServiceNow team merges the advantages of both consulting services and internal teams to form a best-in-class hybrid service delivery model that:

  1. Eliminates the dependency on traditional consulting services

  2. Prevents knowledge leaks

  3. Expands bandwidth and skill sets at a lower cost

  4. Strengthens the integrity of your internal teams

  5. Maintains full control

  6. Retains the highest quality standards

  7. Provides a dedicated team by combining full-time and part-time ServiceNow specialists

  8. Enables companies to expand resources without incurring fixed overhead costs

How is our Extended ServiceNow Team is unique ?

■ Blended rate structure to lower costs

■ Hybrid delivery approach to provide flexibility

■ 100% transparency to increase internal staff knowledge levels

■ Specialized operational process for unprecedented quality control

■ Shared responsibility for maintaining long-term customer relationships

Benefits of Extended ServiceNow Team model

■ A dedicated team of full-time and part-time ServiceNow specialists.

■ A way for part-time variable resources to function as full-time team members.

■ The economic benefit of expanding resources without the fixed overhead.

■ Strengthen internal teams - variable team members provide full transparency and transfer knowledge. 

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