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Rede helps - Building your dedicated ServiceNow Dev Teams in India?

Pune being labeled as Oxford of the east, Pune offers access to a talent pool of millions of students - specializing across various IT/Engineering fields.

The increasing complexity of modern software products is compelling organizations to look for ways to drive innovation while keeping costs to a minimum. Setting up a remote software development team is becoming an extremely popular business undertaking. It allows organizations to enjoy the ease, scalability, and cost savings from a dedicated team of skilled resources that help meet the current and future needs of customers.

Having your dedicated remote development team allows you to have full control over the infrastructure, resources as well as tools. It helps you drive value, at a cost that is far more economical than outsourcing your IT requirements.

The benefits of building Offshore Development Teams in India

Since the beginning of the offshoring phenomenon, India has been one of the most sought-after countries for offshore development.

Over the years, India has evolved - thanks to its vast pool of expert resources, who’ve only been moving up the value chain to offer customized software development services.

Some of the biggest MNCs of the world, including Google, Microsoft, General Electric, and Cisco, today have their remote development centers set up in India. Here are some of the many pros of building a remote team in India:

  • Around 75% of global digital talent is present in India. Hence, the experience and expertise of resources across a range of software services, including programming, testing, and support, are exceptional. You get access to some of the most skilled resources that work round the clock to drive efficiency.

  • Because personnel costs are substantially lower in India as compared to the western countries, you get the benefit of a low-cost pricing option for offshoring your services.

  • The flexibility in pricing gives you the freedom (and creativity) to effectively manage your budget while reaping large profits from your remote team.

  • The high-quality services offered by teams are one of the main reasons why India tops the list of most sought-after destinations for setting up remote teams.

  • IT trade association NASSCOM has launched an online platform that is aimed at upskilling over3 a million technology professionals and skilling another 2 million potential employees and students.

  • Given how proficient Indian resources are in English, you can be sure your requirements are well-understood and met with precision.

  • The July-September 2021 quarter saw over $10 billion being invested, says Venture Intelligence. Private Equity-Venture Capital (PE-VC) firms invested a record $49 billion (across 840 deals) in Indian companies during the first 9 months of 2021.

  • India boasts of state-of-the-art tools, technologies, networks, and other IT infrastructure, and so the teams working in India have access to the latest software technology.

The Pune Advantage

When it comes to building an offshore software development team in India, Pune is a unanimous choice. Situated in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, and in close proximity to Mumbai, Pune is swiftly emerging as an important center on the global horizon.

  • Today, Pune boasts of over nine universities and 150+ educational institutions that produce some of the brightest minds in the country. Aptly titled the Oxford of the east, Pune offers access to a talent pool of millions of students – specializing across various Information Technology fields.

  • The city provides the opportunity to recruit the industry’s top technical talent while having access to a massive pool of intelligent and skilled consultants and staff for 24x7 support and maintenance.

  • The presence of many Special Economic Zones and state-of-the-art IT parks make Pune a dream destination for building a remote engineering team setup. These zones and parks boast of some of the most modern technology, infrastructure, and connectivity facilities.

  • The city offers also offers ample availability of skilled resources. You get the chance to establish strong relationships with various tech experts and ensure a quick turnaround to critical project needs.

  • Being home to a bevy of MNCs, including Microsoft, Capgemini, Deloitte, Infosys, Symantec, and more, the city has the culture and dedicated approach to time-tested methodologies, processes, and strategies.

  • The reasonable real-estate costs make setting up a remote team cost-effective. In addition, with the presence of a massive pool of resources, and a culture of service, diversity, and community, the costs of recruiting a team and setting up the base are relatively low.

  • Over the years, the city is also witnessing an exponential increase in the startup community. Today, over 4000+ startups thrive in the city, which raise funds to the tune of millions of dollars.

  • The constant efforts being made by the state government and the special incentives being given to the city of Pune make it a preferred destination in India.

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