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Who needs ServiceNow Performance Analytics?

To put it briefly, reporting is used for operational management. You can use it to check the current situation and react on current problems. PA is, however, used for strategic management. It helps you see the bigger picture and analyze performance behind everyday activities. Thus, if you need strategic management, you go PA. If you don’t, reporting will do.

Usually, large or mid-sized companies with complex IT processes and infrastructure use PA. They already have considerable investments in ServiceNow and tend to have clear IT performance measurement strategies.

But smaller companies should think again, when aiming their arrows at PA, since it is not a cheap tool. In fact, it is expensive. So if your company doesn’t have a huge IT budget, it’s not for you. You can use the free complementary PA version for Incident management, but it’s only there to tease you into paying more. All the rest useful ServiceNow contents are only available with Premium PA.

Besides, if your company – regardless of its size – uses BI extensively, you may need to think twice before buying PA Premium. Paying for both may be too much, since they can do almost the same thing, if you add ITSM into your enterprise BI.

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