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Rede ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Consulting Services

  1. RPA Opportunity Assessments across the organization or selected domain: We tell you where you can strike gold within your organization.

  2. RPA Maturity Assessments for clients already running some form of RPA initiative: If you are already doing RPA but wondering why the results elude you, then you need this one. A stitch in time saves nine.

  3. Diagnosis – An in-depth study for Process fitment, Maturity and Change: This is when you know that automation is good for your organization and you want to have a holistic view of What, Why, Where, Who, When and How.

  4. Assessment – Precision drilled exercise for automation suitability: Once you are ready for automation, we will lay down the roadmap for your automation journey.

  5. Opportunity Identification and Automation Recommendation: Not everything can be automated and not everything should be automated. Find out about each opportunity, its pros and cons, risks and rewards and the numbers associated (How Much).

  6. RPA Project Management: We do the heavy lifting for you by piloting your automation journey.

Rede Custom Automation Services

In case there is a need for a combination of services or a need of several services for a client, we are able to advise the client on the best services or combinations for their business. We can also customize the services to cater to the Scale of work as well as Complexity of the work. We are well equipped to offer services to multiple geographical locations, and using multiple contact methods.

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