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ServiceNow Application Consolidation + Optimization

IT organizations and industry leaders are under tremendous pressure to consolidate and optimize their application spend, while they speed release of new applications to maintain a competitive edge and improve the customer journey. But they don’t always know how to get started. Let Rede Consulting identify ways to eliminate costs and improve performance while migrating, modernizing and managing your applications — and helping you develop ServiceNow applications using NOW Intelligence.

Important things you need to know about application consolidation

  • Application consolidation lets you run multiple, independent applications on optimized hardware.

  • It enables you to streamline your resources and remove redundant functionalities.

  • Also, it reduces complexity and allows better utilization of computing resources.

  • This is why several companies having bloated application portfolios turn to application consolidation, and ServiceNow is the best platform to start with.

Get in touch with our Certified and highly experienced Advisor's to guide you in right direction. Mail us at or visit our business page at to know more about us.

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