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ServiceNow Intelligent Service Delivery to enhance employee empowerment.

Businesses are starting to realize how important employee experience is and are creating "consumerized" experiences for them. Smart businesses are transforming the workplace to empower employees. The new digital workplace includes advanced technologies like cloud, AI, Machine Learning, chatbots, and so on to improve workplace efficiency and empower employees.

ServiceNow is a frontrunner in innovative service delivery with full-stack solutions to ensure intelligent workplace service delivery and improved employee experiences.

Superior Service Delivery Experiences by ServiceNow

1. Omnichannel Connectivity

To increase workplace connectivity, especially with hybrid workplaces, organizations are utilizing IoT, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and social channels. This further enables organizations to increase reach while offering consistent omnichannel service delivery experiences to employees. ServiceNow was the first of its kind to introduce an ecosystem to accommodate this approach. It envisioned that employees shouldn’t be confined to a portal to communicate with the company, rather providing multiple communication channels for support.

ServiceNow, on top of the portal, offers mobile apps and virtual agents/chatbots. The mobile-enabled chatbot allows employees to get information or resolve issues from anywhere without human assistance. This multi-channel approach with intelligent connectivity can improve the employee experience manyfold.

2. Smart Workflows

With legacy, IT service management, employee time is often wasted completing manual processes in service management like creating, assigning, and tracking HR or IT updates. Even project managers waste time constantly checking portals and connecting with teams for status updates instead of concentrating on strategic assignments.

To prevent wasting time, voice assistants send alerts if any change in status occurs and follows the issue until it's complete. The chatbot handles the entire ticket lifecycle, from creating tickets, assigning, routing, and providing constant updates. This way service workflows are optimized and keep employees working on more critical tasks.

3. Proactive Security

Most cyber-attacks focus on exploiting employees who lack extensive cybersecurity training. ServiceNow keeps organizations' networks secure with its AI-driven SecOps module and proactive risk handling mechanisms. ServiceNow offers vulnerability response applications, threat intelligence, incident response, and risk management modules. Powered by ServiceNow AIOps, the tools monitor employee interactions and run vulnerability checks continuously, and notify stakeholders of issues before they escalate.

4. Workforce Management

Organizations should have clear strategies to manage current employees. This requires having in-depth insights into workforce data especially as employee skills progress over time. Organizations should run workforce analytics with numerous metrics to uncover skill gaps, assets, learning patterns, and performance gaps. Driven by Predictive intelligence, the ServiceNow Performance analytics solution runs analytics on each employee to recognize the challenges facing the employee and recommends resolutions (like educational sessions) to upskill the employee. Apart from these, The ServiceNow Resource Management solution empowers the organization to plot available resources, their capabilities, and availabilities.

5. Service Availability

With a hybrid workplace model, ServiceNow offers seamless connectivity for enterprise services from anywhere on any device. To ensure enterprise service mobility, ServiceNow Resource Management, helps employees access enterprise services. The ServiceNow cloud is a hybrid cloud management framework with reliable processes for public and private clouds to guarantee access to business services and application delivery to employees anytime, anywhere.

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