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Telecommunications Service Management


Use ServiceNow industry-focused solutions to solve specific business issues.

Telecommunications Service Management

  • Product Catalog Management Core: Delivers a data model that captures product specifications and characteristics for the product catalog on the Now Platform.

  • Order Management for Telecommunications: Provides a data model to capture simple and composite product orders that enable orchestration and decomposition.

  • Multisite offering: Manage order fulfillment based on site. Provides an enriched data model to support site-based ordering.

  • Change orders: Process change orders more efficiently. Update sold product and installed base data to improve customer interactions.

  • Telecommunications product ordering open API: Enables standardized bi-directional integrations between external product ordering systems and ServiceNow.

  • Core data model: Extend CI Classes to support Edge, Port, Controller, and Circuit resources. Provides pre-defined objects and attributes relevant to each class to deliver out-of-box functionality, allowing faster time to value for customers and partners.

Telecommunications Network Performance Management

Telecommunications Alarm Management open API: Support the ability to create, clear, and update alarms, which is further processed by event processing engine to create related alerts and incidents.

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